Pickup bar at repeat

I can do pickup bars at the start. But I can’t figure out how to do it at a repeat:


I tried using -3e in the bar popover but it does not seem to work at this position.

You can insert a repeat barline at any rhythmic position. Just select the eighth note and Shift-B, and insert the repeat.

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No, it’s how do I shorten the bar to make it a pickup after the repeat? Popover -3e does not work. I have already shortened the previous bar. [Maybe this is something to do with it?]

Ah, so do I have to ‘unshorten’ the previous compensating bar?

Yes, I wouldn’t worry about altering the duration of any bars from the usual number of beats. Just insert the repeat at the exact spot you want it.

Select the quaver A. Shift-B to invoke the popover. Type :||: to create the repeat barline. Dorico does the rest!

Although to be clear and add to what others have said (for the sake of anyone else finding this thread in the future) you can do this work manually too, by adding shorter time signatures and hiding them in the affected measures—but the point is that usually that isn’t necessary.