Pickup measure moves all notes

I have make my arrangement and decide to use an pickup measure for the baritonsax. When I press Shft M 4/4,1 all the notes are moves one beat (normal and insert mode). How can I insert an pickup measure?
See GIF for details.

You need to add a quarter note / rest or whatever at the beginning. It’ll work then. I think it’s the normal behavior.

It would be great though, if Dorico added that quarter note automatically with - let’s say - insert mode enabled while entering the 4/4,1 meter :wink:

Or you could select all the piece and using alt+arrow move notes at once in a direction you need. Such a great Dorico feature!

I have a method that doesn’t make you jump and wonder what to do to repair the terrible mess you make:

  • first, add a whole empty 4/4 bar at the beginning (select first note or other item, type shift-B, then “+1” and return)
    (NB: you can’t use one of the + buttons in the system track, because there is no + before the first bar)
  • insert the note(s) for the upbeat on the fourth beat of the first bar
  • select the first note (the upbeat) or put the caret back there
  • type shift-M, then “4/4,1” and return, to insert the new time sig
  • Dorico will split the first bar and adds a barline and time signature before the upbeat
  • now you can safely delete the empty bar before the upbeat, without disturbing bars after it
  • I think even the bar numbering will be correct automatically (upbeat = bar 0)