Pilot Radio Effect

Hello everyone.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I can create a pilots radio type effect on voice in Cubase?


Easiest way to do it for that ‘authentic’ sound is to borrow/buy/hire a pair of walkie talkies for a few hours… put one in another room near a mic and use the other one to speak into… you can of course mess about with various EQ settings such as using a notch filter to boost between about 800khz or so to 4Khz or so and cut either side of it… just fiddle with the Q and centre of your filter… bit of distortion, compress and expand as PMRs compand the signal… and a burst of pink noise at the end of every ‘transmission’ to give you the ‘cccchhhhhkkk’ when the talk button is released… used both methods in the past but micing a pair of radios is by far the quickest and easiest method.

hope that helps!

Yay to all that - nice tips! - and you could also find ToneBooster and maybe DualFilter (only tinkered with it myself) worth a shot…

Aloha H,

1-Start with the channel strip EQ
2- Use the preset, ‘Phoneline’
3- Load the ‘Bitcrusher’ Plug (be very careful with the mix)
4-Add (a lil bit o’) ‘Da Tube’ for warmth.
5- Change the order of 3 and 4 and see which one sounds better.

Depending on the source this should get you fairly close.

Also check out some ‘Foley’ sites for tips on sound FX simulation/imitation.
(speaking into cups etc)


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Thank you @curteye. That really helped.