PIN function not working in Track Inspector Setup Dialog

1 : Create a new project.
2 : Add Midi Track.
3: Open ‘Inspector Setup’ Dialog
4: Select Setup.
5: In ‘visible items’, select any section.
6: Attempt to press the ‘PIN’ icon, nothing happens, cursor sometimes flickers with ‘drag dialog size handles’.

This is the same if i add Audio, Instrument or any track type.

From page 103 of the Cubase Pro 9 PDF manual, i understand that using the PIN function will allow a selected section of the inspector to remain open, rather than automatically close if i switch sections e.g. Notepad remains open if i switch to Track Versions etc. This does not happen, the PIN function seems to have a bug. When i move the cursor actually upon the “Visible Items” |PIN icon, the cursor changes to the quasi drag handles, and i am able to resize left and right, whilst the sections in the visible items disappear, and back again.

Using Lenovo i3 G50-80 laptop, with Windows 10 Home 1703, and Cubase Pro 9.0.30 build 266 (64 bit)


It works to me here. Could you try in the Safe Start Mode, please?

Hi Martin

I have tried Cubase Pro 9 Safe Mode, but the issue did not resolve.

I have also taken some troubleshooting steps:

1: Complete uninstall, and renaming of any Cubase pro 9 folders ref: %appdata%/steinberg.
2: a clean installation of cubase pro 9.
3: removed all USB devices, rendering my laptop alone, with no connections.
4: run cubase Pro 9 as administrator.

but problem continues.
It could be the Windows O/S version which Steinberg warned us about, because the Virtual keyboard will not initiate either. Anyhow, I will be patient and await the solutions.

Hi Martin
I’m so sorry to have been such an amateur, but there was nothing wrong to begin with, i was just clicking in the wrong place viz. the PIN Icon represents a column, below which we click along the horizontal axis of a particular section.

Case closed

I’m glad it works to you.