Pin Tracks at Top (like Excel)

Anyone who has used Excel might know what I’m talking about. You pin a row and all the others scroll but that one stays on screen:
Pinned “tracks” example

I think the Chord and Marker Tracks would benefit from this.

And the zoom level pinned too. So when you zoom in and out vertically, the pinned tracks stay the same height.

This is already available.
I use it all the time for my marker and chord track.

At the top of the vertical scroll bar on the right, there is a little pencil icon. The mouse over says “Divide track list”

Click it and it gives you a pinned tracks area.

If you have a pinned track selected, zooming vertically only affects the pinned tracks.
If you have a track in the area below selected, zooming vertically only affects the non-pinned tracks.

You can also adjust the height of the pinned area.

Well, it’s not exactly pinned, it’s more of a second track list.

I had liked it, but over time I I gave it up, because I found it difficult to use- it’s not easy to move focus between the divided track lists, and sometimes I can end up with tracks out-of-view in the upper list.

What I think would be extremely useful would be to have a track attribute that would set the tracks’ zoom size to be frozen, and if there were an explicit key command to navigate between the lists, it would be great. It seems this might be less involved to implement also…

If pinned tracks were introduced, I would start using them right away for tempo, time sig, . (as opposed to Track Versions, it took me a while to actually use them in my work.)

Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried the track divide list and a couple of undesirable things happen. First, the tracks that are in the upper half are not easily selectable (by keyboard) since you must change focus to control them. Second, the use of the tab key for the info bar and locators in the top section is frustrated by the tab now also focusing the divided track area.

The thing with a pinned excel spreadsheet is once you are at the top of the page, arrowing up selects the pinned row.

YES YES AND YES!!! I’m all over that. I use the divided track list up top. I put things I want to hide there. Like the film (when I want to focus on the music) or tracks I don’t often change. But for things I want to edit most regularly, I would love some form of pinned option to keep them in a good place all the time. :slight_smile:

Well, think of the MixConsole. You can pin channel strips to the left or right side of the MixConsole easily.

What if the project window had a “pin to top” or “pin to bottom” of your project and it didn’t create a divided focus situation like the current Divide Track List implementation? That would be amazing.

(Also, why can’t we visually SEE where the focus is? Unless I’m doing something wrong, I have no idea which half of the project window has focus. ie: if I have a marker selected in the top track list selected, and a MIDI region in the bottom track list, and then press the ‘delete’ key on the keyboard for example, I don’t know which is going to get deleted. The only way is if I remember which track list I edited/clicked in last. This is ridiculous.)