Ping Pong with Vienna Ensmble Pro & Cubase

I need to set up a ping pong effect on a zylaphone track (ala Jerry Goldsmioth, Basic Instincts Main Title).
I know the basics:
Set up an aux track for the Xylaphone
Insert a mono delay
Pan the original in one direction
Pan the delay in the other
Add reverb and eq to taste

I just can’t for the life of me work out the details between getting it out of VE Pro and back in!

  1. I set up a bus in VE Pro and did a pre-fader send to it from the Xylaphone track
    Still in VE Pro, I routed the Bus via VE Pro Out 31/Out 32 back to Cubase
    I can see the signal there in the Cubase mix console on Out 31/Out 32
  2. In Cubase I added a stereo track to my project and added the Vienna Ensemble Pro Audio Input Plug-In as an insert,
    I called that track “Xyaphone delay”
    so I should be able to send the output of a Cubase ping pong delay back to Vienna Ensmble Pro on that

So in the cubase mix console, I can see my Out 31/Out 32 channel with the xylaphone and I can see my Xylaphone delay track waiting to send it back to Vienna Ensemble

What’s left is to insert the delay and route the output back to Vienna Ensemble through my ‘Xylaphone delay’ track
Where does the delay go, and how do I direct it’s output into the ‘xylaphone delay’ track?

So…no knowledgeable Cubase/VE Pro users, I take it… :frowning:

Below may be out of date info…

I don’t use VEP myself, but I’ve had quite an interest in ways to utilize/share resources among computers in various ways for a long while. During the course of my interests in such things, I’ve read about VEP a bit, and a few times or so throughout different forums I’ve read that effects cannot be shared between VEP & Cubase… maybe other DAW software too. This is NOT from personal experience mind you, just what I’ve read from others who use VEP, and this is said to be the one thing that they are disappointed in VEP for. Maybe things have changed since I’ve read that? Or maybe this is something that will change in the future? To the contrary, I’ve read a few times where people have compared VEP to FX-Teleport, that it has been able to do this for years.

Don’t take my word of ‘hearsay’ though, wait for more replies & also do some research on that point yourself. Note that I believe I’ve read that on, I’m sure if you do a google search, quite a few hits will be on gearslutz. I’m sure VEP has a forum?