Pink noice to adjust mix levels?

I saw this clip where someone suggested that you use a pink noice and increase levels on a track until you hear the instrument clearly above the pink noice and do this for every track, this gives a good sarting level for mixing. Is this any good?

This sounds very complicated to me. Also, what level is the pink noise supposed to be?
Is this supposed to help with gain staging going into the mixer? That can be had simpler:
Just set your pre gain in the mixer such that the peaks hit max -12 to -10 dBFS. For sustained sounds maybe a bit lower. That should do it for most purposes.
If you are going to mix with lots of analog emulations (tape simulations, console emulations etc), which usually are calibrated to work at 0VU=-18dB RMS, get a VU meter (Cubase Pro has one in Supervision) and see that the signal going into the mixer channel is around 0VU on that. For drums an other percussive sounds lower, like ~ -8VU.

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I think pink noice should be -18db, its not really important because you gett a relative level, not absolut level, for your tracks… This maybe more clever then you think, pink noice is not just any soundsource and may help with the levels. Your suggestion is just “make everything the same db”? Thats not the same thing?

I forgot to thank you! Thanx for your input!