Pinned topic "Expression Maps for Dorico 3.5+" doesn't appear anymore on top

The pinned topic Expression Maps for Dorico 3.5+ doesn’t appear anymore on top of this Dorico forum (4 other sticky topics are appearing correctly): can this be a bug?
The topic was appearing correctly a few days ago.
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Could it be that you’ve unpinned it? This forum gives you the power to pin and unpin (generally pinned) topics as you see fit. To the left of the title you should see a pin. If it’s pointing down, the topic is pinned; if it’s pointing up, it’s unpinned. Click on it (or tap on it if on a mobile device) to reverse it.


Also worth noting is that if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the topic it will become unpinned.

Discourse provides an advanced type of bookmarking, meant for this kind of use-case though:

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Thanks for your quick answers!
@pianoleo you had it right, thank you! :slight_smile:
@steve, it’s a strange behavior, thanks for the info.

These topics should also be tagged with #faq to make them easy to find again.