Pinned vs. unpinned topics on the forum

Thanks for this post, @Lillie_Harris . I’m looking forward to “living with” the new manual and getting to know it and see how it improves my experience.

One, possibly “newb”-ish, forum-related question: Your announcement shows this in my feed:

As a result, it’s down around item 15. Contrast this with the Nuendo announcement that has been pinned right at the top position for the past four days. (Nuendo is not even a category that’s active in my settings; I only display Announcements, Dorico, and Virtual Instruments):

Am I doing something wrong in my feed settings? I’d hate to be missing big announcements like yours because they’re off-screen for me!

Follow-up: I figured out that I can manually pin your announcent and un-pin the Nuendo one. But the question remains: why did Nuendo’s come in pinned and yours didn’t? Is that something that you and other Steinberg authors can push out?

This post is pinned in the Dorico forum. Perhaps you unpinned it for yourself?

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I believe it automatically “unpins” for you once you’ve read it.


@Ben_at_Steinberg: So, then, had I ever read the Nuendo post it would have unpinned; got it, thanks!

[edit:] I was assuming (since I didn’t read the Nuendo post) that Steinberg authors could push out a pinned status that lasted a certain period, say a week. (That could actually be an interesting feature, if it’s possible, to make sure users don’t miss “really big” announcements.)

I did not [edit: intentionally] unpin it manually. Hmm…

For what it’s worth, my feed is set to view by Topics > Latest. Would that explain it?

It will automatically unpin once the thread has been read. You can change this behavior in the forum Preferences > Interface. There is a tickbox under the Other category.


Beautiful, thanks @Craig_F !

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