Pipe-Organ Pedals for an staff instrument

Yes, I’d like the organ pedalboard as a separate instrument staff… There is a one ín Sibellius, Finale doesn’t answer my post in the subject… I’m an pipe organ enthusiast, and like to have it in my program palette… TIA !!

The Solo Organ Template automatically includes a Pedal Staff.
One can always customize the sounds used in Play mode.

(Finale also lets you set up a three-staff Organ via their Setup Wizard.)

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You can also just do a grand staff organ and then add a third stave and rename it.

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So, there is an option now to make a new instrument in the instrument editor… I made the pedals from the basic organ staff… I named it to pedal, but it doesn’t show up in the list… I know I have to makr the staff by the star icon… How come this won’t do ?? TIA !!

Dorico has always had a 3-staff Organ instrument.


Is that not what you want?

Or do you explicitly want the word “Pedals” as a Staff Label?

You can make a “Variant” of the Organ instrument in the Instruments Editor, and then adjust the number of staves and clef.

Here’s a 2-staff Organ, plus a Pedal Organ:


All practial solutions above, but let’s not forget that Dorico does not handle the staff distances etc. correctly for a manual+pedal organ, which I hope will be corrected in D6.