I’ve always had a morbid fascination with the gruesome. When it’s what humans do to each other I twist my brain into contortions trying to understand it. In the cases of mother nature’s red-in-tooth-and-claw examples, I just shudder and put it down to survival-of-the-fittest. A couple of hours browsing the History, Discovery and National Geographic channels on TV can give me bad dreams.

Couple all that with my pathological fear of wimmin and you might get a glimmer of insight why I might find a way to liken one of their number to a little fish that lurks in dark pools in the world’s tropical regions, viz a viz, the…


Given the unexpected success of my last poll for The Shirt attracting all of 36 votes, I’ve set up another for this little beastie. Please take a mo’ and click on or 't’other of the little radio buttons provided as you listen to evidence of my sexual paranoia.

And please, please, any advice on the recording would be graciously received as always.

Your humble servant. :sunglasses:


Loved it Dave. Great playing as usual :sunglasses: I think most of us have encountered the odd piranha here and there and barely lived to tell the tale :smiley:


If you’re not prepared to bleed a bit, stay out of the water. :laughing:

Great tune Dave, tasty guitar with some nice quirky bits in the fills
which are just like the little fangs of your subject matter, a little
bit uncomfortable but just right. :wink:

Mix? It’s very, very good. If i could suggest just one thing it would
be some (minor, subtle) more EQ highlighting of your voice for
air and gentle…um…“toothiness”. :laughing: :unamused:

I voted.



This one is definitely a contender! gets my vote! :smiley:

I vote yes.

Thanks folks!

Yes, we all bear the scars… or odd missing limb. “Leech” is another song I was toying with some while back, but I couldn’t find one redeeming feature in that little black sucker. At least our toothy predator has some personality. :mrgreen:

Yes, on the button. I confess I fight against sibilance so I habitually under-EQ the voice. I think I’ve ended up being over-sensitive to sibilance - even the work of others. Thanks Jet! :sunglasses:

Thanks again guys!

Ooh, tyell me 'boot it. :laughing:

I used to call them “Dinner Wh0rz” 'cause they’d get you to come on to them, convince you to take them to a nice restaurant, then leave you high-n-dry. :smiley:

Edit: great song by the way!

Yeah, I agree Phil :sunglasses:

Hi Dave,

I voted yes a couple of weeks ago, I think it was the night you uploaded this (sorry for not commenting, been kinda
dealing with, erm, my own kettle of fish lately)

Anyways, fantasitc song and mix! Unless you start hitting bum-notes and coughing between lines, I can’t offer
any advice! :laughing: :wink:

Nice one!


:sunglasses: :smiley:

Great! 10 votes. I guess it goes on the record. Wot’s next? To be honest, I dunno… :confused:

Mr Keir, you’re way better than luka bloom. We’ll you’re both good. good metaphors and excellent finger style. Nice comforting voice.

Thank you, ocaraus! That is high praise indeed re. comparison with Luka Bloom.

I must admit I’ve never thought (or has it been suggested by anyone before) that my voice is “comforting”. It’s amazing what perspectives different people will have. Nevertheless, I went and listened again and, yes, I can just about see that. Thanks for the insight. :wink:

Another great song, Dave!
I love those bluesy fills. :sunglasses:

Mix sounds good to me.


Cool tune, Dave. Excellent playing. I hear some bron yr aur in there. Almost sounds the same tuning. :sunglasses:

Thanks Wim! Funny old thing - I rarely do bluesy bends and here I do two in one break. I dunno what came over me. :open_mouth:

Thanks Nate. Another thing I rarely do is use altered tunings (except dropped-D). This (and The Shirt) use DADGBE which I came across during a brief infatuation with a homeless banjo (my girlfriend and neighbours said we weren’t made for each other. They were right although it hurt at the time). These are the only 2 songs that use this woebegone tuning.

This time I recorded them side by side because I couldn’t be assed tuning and detuning the guitar all over again. :slight_smile: