Here’s a ditty I through together, nothing like a little self indulgence to get the creative juices flowing…


like it ,very refreshing ,would like to have heard a bit of guitar in there at times for a different colour maybe ,i loved it when the vocals came in they sounded proper spooky ,i see you are using Vlad the Impaler as an image .i was over in Romania doing some gigs and we visited one of his castles in Transylvania,interesting country but its so sad with all the stray dogs they have , every body should go and claim one. nice work .

Thanks for the reply. I orignally wrote and played this with a 5 piece prog rock.
It was a bit diffrent with the back half completly different. When we played it live
it was on the heavy side. This version I went midi crazy…
I’m sure I’ll re-do this song someday.

Vlad, was the first song I wrote. I’m planning to re-do it prog rock style.

I like the arrangement for the most part. I thought at times there was an old Yes album I never new existed. It did seem to drag on at times and lacked variation or color to keep the song from sounding repetitive. I couldn’t understand the vocal portion near the end (about 7 min. I think). I also think that in general the instruments tended to sound somewhat “Casio”. I think you have a great epic piece here that could use some refinement. Are you a Rick Wakeman fan?
Thanks for posting.

I loved the epic Wakeman stuff.
I don’t understand why it sounds a bit “Casio”, since I am
using mostly Roland modules, and a classic Electracomp EML 101?
I think because everything is midied a nd quantized through cubase.
I think my future projects I will use Cubase more as a “tape recorder” and less as
a sequencer…

Thanks for the comments…

Great piece with lots of variation, I like the piano riffs the most, and interesting surprises you have hidden. Interesting to listen to. Michael.

Nice chops! I kind of get what jaslan was on about, because this sounds like something a GameBoy videogame would have for its music. Don’t get me wrong, that stuff takes real skill to pull off, which you’ve done here, but the sounds/patches DO seem a bit General MIDI (to me)

Nice writing and interestingly arranged but a bit “thin” over all…lacked bass at my end, could me my gear maybe and it’s a bit long…would be better at 4/5 mins IMHO…Kevin