Pitch automation, naming cc automation lanes

  1. Please Steinberg let us automate pitch!
    It f***s up my track everytime I do a slide note and forget to send a 0 somewhere after.

  2. It would be really great to be able to rename parameters in the automation lane so it’s not “CC22” but “Xfade Slots” or whatever I choose.
    Alternatively at least take names from quick controls if available, so if I set CC22 to QC1 then the name in the automation lane is replaced by the QC name.

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+1 for the 2nd

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Yes, ability to rename CC lanes would be helpful. At the very least removing the general MIDI text name (ie Gen Purpose or whatever) would be helpful so we’re not looking at meaningless labels. Thank you!

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With instruments that use more and more CCs for realistic performances the ability to name CC lanes is imperative. Please, please, please implement this!!! Thanks.

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I’ve learnt to live with your first problem…
But it shouldn’t be the case…
Also I tried doing pitch automation in the per note vst3 expression, hoping that it would bypass that issue and the automation would only apply to the note, then reset to normal for the rest of the unaffected notes…
But it also just carries on with pitch data if you don’t reset it.

The lack of Bezier curves in the midi editor has really made it difficult work of something that should be quick and easy.

Cubase 11, let’s pray!

The ability to (re)name or tag CCs in the Lane Display would help me in a big way.