Pitch Bend a note in Midi Editor ?

Is it possible to achieve the following by using the MIDI EDITOR ?

  • Bending a Midi note (pitch). A smoth sounding bend.
  • FADE IN or FADE OUT of Velocity on an individual Midi note.


Yes, it is.

In the Controller line, select PitchBend instead of Velocity or MIDI Controller and draw the PitchBend curve. If you want to do it on an individual Note and to keep other MIDI Notes at the same channels untouched (for example only one Note from the Chord), use Note Expression: double-click to the MIDI Note to get the Note Expression editor.

Again, use the Note Expression and MIDI CC11 (Expression).

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Martin; Thank you so much :wink:
That was EXACTLY the thing I needed :wink:

At first, I couldnt find the PitchBend or CC11 Expression Controll Functions, but then I finally found them under the Virtual Keyboard on the lower left side of the screen.

Thank you so much :wink:
Mega Helpful :slight_smile:

I cant get this to work for me