Pitch bend automation

That has probably been requested a hundred times, but I really like to have a pitch bend automation lane just like any other CC. Adding pitch bend data to a midi part is error prone because it doesn’t go back to zero after the part has ended. So I usually have to add a single pitch message to the next midi part just to clear it.

I know that the pitch bend msg is a little different from CC messages so it probably needs some special code, yet I can’t understand how such a basic functionality is still missing in Cubase

I totally agree! Please fix this… Other DAW like FL Studio have this for years!

It’s 2020, please Steinberg, give us pitch bend automation lane just like any other CC.


Pitch bend automation is already in Cubase.
Click on volume > more > filter > pitch bend.

Not for 3rd party plugins…

It works for some and It doesn’t for other 3rd party plugins.
I just tried it with a few plugins. Therefore it must be the plugin not Steinberg. You can use the pen in the piano roll to draw pitch bend…

Thanks AP, thats true, I’ve tested that aswell with the same result.
But, I’ve worked with other DAW’s who can handle that no mather if it’s a third party plugin or not.
To use the pen in the piano roll is like using a PC in the good old 90s :laughing: