Pitch Bend data "lost"but amazing-play samples w/voice track

I successfully import a MIDI file into Nuendo 5.5 on win7 and control a VSTi (Samplemodeling Bassoon) with its pitch bend data. However, once the midi track is copied/pasted/moved/duplicated, i.e. edited in Nuendo PB data (which is still present in the edited tracks) is not sent to same VSTi. The VSTi receives all other data and no midi filtering except sysex is checked in the preferences. The same VSTi and setup responds to manually drawn PB data. No VSTi settings are changed between it working or not.

I would appreciate some help please before I spin my wheels.

BTW I am blown away with the realistic expression I am getting here. It doesn’t get any better than when you: Control a midi instrument with the voice after Melodyne translates the voice into midi!!! Try for fun to translate someone just speaking and you will hear your samples talking to you! Also I am so happy with the Samplemodeling solo instruments and that they perfectly track Melodyne’s translation of of complex non-tempered note bending.

With much patience (if you want to know the details) this is how I made it all work with little helpful information on the net: The Roland A-800pro was only 1 of two keyboard controllers besides my Kronos and Oasys which I found had a usable “joystick” (the other was Novation I believe). This is needed to control both the pitch bend and vibrato. Plus I find the TECcontrol breath controller better than a mod pedal. I had to use the TEC model with a dual midi (USB and DIN outs) with the a800’s midi merge capability (DIN into a800) to get it to work. It was worth the hassles but now I just have to learn a new intrument! Next I need a 4 manual console with pedals and smooth leather shoes, like playing a pipe organ. Unfortunately, i’m still having the hardest time just getting a hardware controller just to arm any of 16 midi tracks for recording without another big box. Sure miss those organ stops.

Hope this inspires you, because it really does inspire me. :bulb: