Pitch Bend does not record


I would like to add pitchbend to a midi performance that has already been recorded. With automation write enabled, on a playback the pitchbend will not record. If I actually record new midi notes with pitch bend it will record the pitch bend with the new notes. But it will not put the pitchbend events on a track that I can edit visually (like CC data or modulation wheel) and I am stuck with extra notes that have to be removed.

So it seems that pitchbend does not record as a CC automation, or does not behave that way.

Is there a way to have pitchbend record like other CC events, so that I can record pitchbend after the notes are recorded and it will be on it’s own track and I can edit the values visually on a graph.


Cubase 10, Windows 10

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Select the MIDI part you have recorded and in the inspector, to the left, go to Note Expression (select the “Editor” tab of the inspector at the bottom).
Then, scroll down to the “Pitch Bend” parameter.
To the left of the “Pitch Bend”, in the “In” column, select what controller knob is to be the input for the Pitch Bend automation. I selected “Pitch Bend” to use the pitch bend knob on my MIDI controller.
Record Enable the track then press record. As the track plays, use the pitch bend knob. When you stop, depending on the MIDI record mode, you should have an “overlay” of the pitch bend. I just used the bounce MIDI command to combine them.
It works here. Check the manual for Note expression for more details.
It is very powerful feature but not really easy to use. I usually have to review the manual when I need to do this because I don’t use it very often.

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Thanks jaslan!! It works and I feel stupid LOL Do you know if controller events lanes, like pitchbend, can be seen up with the midi lane, like automation lanes?

I assume you mean in the project display and not in the MIDI editor…
Of course, in the editor, you can display multiple CC lanes and Pitchbend at the bottom.
On the project display, it will display the CC or pitchbend “superimposed” over the track. I can’t remember if there is a way to select what is superimposed or not.
You can record CC parameters as automation in Cubase. In the MIDI menu, go to “CC Automation Setup” and select whether you want the CC to before recorded as MIDI data in the MIDI part or as automation data. If it is automation, then you can display it as an automation lane in the project display.
It can also be very powerful but confusing.