Pitch bend in Cubase

I produce electronic dance music and I’m trying to pitch bend my instruments and also audio channels on the build ups but struggling to find a way of doing it past +12.

Does anyone know a way or have a vst that can?

Thanks guys

+/- 12 is ok most of the time.
Some 3rd party VSTi like sylenth, let you decide the range of the pitch bend.
And some 3rd party VST fx, can pitch in realtime the audio, so find one (google is your friend) with a good algorithm and a +/-24 pitch bend (Waves got one nice, but only +/- 12, i use thios one a lot “soundshifter”)

Thank you my friend

You’re welcome ! We gotta help each others in this wurl

For audio channels try VariAudio. Though it’s working best with monophonic signals simple pitching of more complex material works great if you glue the segments together (of the part you want to picht) and use the bend function (instead of moving single segments up/down).

Pitchometry from AeganMusic is a nice VST…you can pitch +/-12 or +/-24 (and theres an EQ in it, a delay…very effective) … and it sounds great !!! (for less than 50$)

One way round this is to start your MIDI part with the pitch bend all the way down at -12 semitones, then you can bend up to zero and then up to +12, giving you a total ‘bend’ of 2 octaves.

Also… Serum and Sylenth both allow +/- 24 semitones of pitch bend and Spire allows +/- 36! You can also do large pitch bends with Kontakt by adding multiple pitch bend controllers to the same voice.

For synth you can use pitch bend lane in key editor. Its not too handy but ok. Using this method you need to tweak pitchbend range in your synthesizer. Works well with Groove Agent too

for audiofiles you can use ‘Audio - process - pitch shift’ and choose Envelope tab. Theres different modes so try them to know which one do what

Any synth that have pitchbend wheel on GUI in fact can be automated on this knob. Sylenth for example