Pitch bend individual midi notes in a chord?

It is possible to apply a pitch bend (controller lane?) to individual midi notes in a chord in Cubase Pro 11 or 12? Cubase Pro 11 is my preference as 12 is just not reliable.

As you know in Cubase 11 and 12’s note editor you can create a pitchbend controller lane and hand draw in pitchbend but it affects every note in the chord.

I want to apply pitchbend to individual midi notes.

It is implimented in at least one other DAW that I know of but it would be astounding if it is not possible in Cubase.

Hi @KennyEastMids

I’m listening intently for the answer, thank you for posting!

Which other DAW lets you do that?


This depends on the VST being used. The Halion family does it.

For example, load Halion Sonic SE patch: GM 057 Trumpet and try it by adding Note Expression to one note in a chord.

I would also like to know which DAW allows you to that and how.

This cannot work using the regular Pitch Bend midi messages as PB always works on the entire MIDI channel. Such limitations of the MIDI specifications were the reason why techniques like Note Expression were introduced.
However, the instrument has to support Note Expression Pitch Bend. So you’ll have to look at any instrument (virtual and hardware, though I am not sure if any hardware synths support it) whether they support Note Expression.

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Not sure if mentioning the other daw that impliments it is allowed but its name begins with A and a google search for Pitch bend individual midi notes in a chord should bring up a youtube tutorial on how to do it.

It was after watching the video I posted in here as I do not use Ableton,

The VSTi who’s notes I want to individually pitch bend is Ample Sound SC.

Expression maps are alien to me as I have never had need to use them.

I forgot to say that in my experiments since I started this thread I have discovered that with note editor open, if I select a note within a chord and then open MIDI > Note Expression > Open Note Expression Editor then the editor opens only on the note selected.

However, no matter what I click I am nbot able to select a paramater to apply be it CC1, CC2, or any other CC so I am not sure of what the point of the Expression Editor is.

Everything in Cubase is such a workflow killer, no spontaneity and everything is a grind.

Not expression maps, but Note Expression.

@Johnny_Moneto describes it very well with the pitchbend. Theoretically, if the vst or hardware instrument allows, you can control any parameter for any note individually. (Ergo, note expression)

Can that data be hand drawn in ?

Yes, it can. Tuning, volume and pan should work for any instrument that supports note expression.

When it comes to other parameters it depends how the instrument is set up.

Thats interesting, thank you.
Is this data entered in the normal way in the note editor controller lane as that
article you linked to shows the controller data appearing over the note and not in the lower controller lane?

I looked at the Ableton Live tutorial (yes, you can name any DAW name here) and there they used Note Expression as well. They used it on their internal synth Wavetable, so this is a synth that supports Note Expression but note that not all synths do.

I used Padshop in Cubase. So this is what it looks like when I draw in PB on a single note.

I opened the Note Expression editor through the context menu (by right clicking the selected note).
On the left hand side in, waht we call the Inspector, I select Pitchbend. Afterwards I can use the pencil tool to just draw in the PB curve.
Please note that there are several little tools in this editor to help editing.

All in all it is pretty similiar to Live (technically the Daw’s name starts with an L, not an A :grinning:)
Hope that helps.

Yep thats the tutorial I watched.

Thanks for the information I will spend some time trying things.

I am using AmpleSound Ample SC and I am trying to bend a single note in a chord up / down to aproximate when a guitarist does holds a chord and bends a single string up to create a different chord. Pretty much a staple move but not easy to replicate in a vst.

Thanks again

For a Vibrato you might wanna try the Sine tool. It lets you draw in a sine wave pitch bend fast.
In case your guitar player does anything like that.

Moreover, if you’re looking for “polyphonic pitch bend”, it’s better to use the Tuning parameter for each note directly.

Example. Two As, an octave apart

For the high A, I paint a glide an octave up.
For the lower A, I paint a glide an octave down.
Both notes selected and opened in the same editor.

As the synth plays, one note goes up, the other goes down, and they end up 3 octaves apart. You can’t do that with pitchbend.

This works with any instrument that supports note expression.

(The editor is a little clunky for my tastes, but it gets the job done.)

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Very cool thread, thank you!

Now here’s hoping Halion Sonic SE has an oboe of good enough sound quality to pencil draw a slide up/down

Search for note expression in the presets, I think there’s an oboe in there.

As an aside, MIDI guitar converters usually use one MIDI channel per string, and this allows the pitchbend of each string to be recorded individually, and routed to its own synth. Typically, you would use 6 instances of the same synth, so although it’s an unwieldy setup, it works reasonably well and does what you want in realtime.