Pitch Bend Problem

Hi guys,

I’m using my Virus TI Keyboard with Cubase Pro 8. My TI’s pitch wheel recently suffered some malfunction that I’ll have to re-asses sometime in the near future that’s causing crazy “jittering” (as read by Cubase). While in my current project I no longer have use for the pitch bender, every time I select a VST-instrument track the Virus’ crazy pitch wheel instability is translated into that track through MIDI. Is there a way within Cubase such that I can stop Cubase from reading all pitch-bend data (to & from)?

I’d greatly appreciate any help,


Try the “midi filter” page in the preferences menu.
You can select to filter the pitch bend data from there I think…
I am not sure if that is pre or post recording and it seems you have to select the channel as well.
Hope that helps.