Pitch Bend/Wheel controlled by an Expression Pedal

I have a USB Expression Pedal that I want to use to control the pitch wheel of an External Synth, in real time. I’ve got it working through a midi track in Cubase 13. The problem is I want the Expression pedal to be at ‘0’ when fully pressed down. That way the pitch would be approached from below and end when fully pressed down, back to 0, in tune. Is there a way I can add a midi filter or something that can modify the pitch wheel’s parameters?
It is almost impossible to work with -2 and +2 above and below zero with an expression pedal. -2 to 0 would be the ideal range. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, P.


Do I understand you right, you want to set the center Pitch Bene value (0) if you send 0. And just the positive values (1-8192) if you send the Expression Pedal values (1-127). Am I right?

I believe so, however negative values so when the pedal gets to 127, fully pressed down, we would arrive/end at O on the pitch wheel, unity. Fully retreated we would be at -8192. Translated, the pitch wheel all the way down and then it ends at middle, 0. That would be the ideal range for the expression pedal.
-8192 to 0 = (0-127)
This way you can use both hands on the synth while having 1/2 the Pitch wheel functions using the expression pedal. Ending the fun and back to regular pitch when the pedal is fully pressed down, at 0. Hope that makes sense. Thanks, P.


I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you write something like Pedal-PitchBend values:

  • Pedal 0 = PB -8191
  • Pedal 63 = PB 0
  • Pedal 127 = PB 8192

Or something like this…

Thank you