Since discovering Cubasis I have been able to use my ipad for live performance and have a back up incase the Macbook has a problem. One last remaining problem that I solved on the Mac “unnamed” DAW which had a pitch bend limiter type AU. The problem I have on ios is that there is no standard response to pitch bend using the AU or intra app connection apps in Cubasis. I have to make adjustments to my controller for many of the apps to get them to respond properly. That involves going back to a Mac app and changing the settings. I know the focus on Cubasis is on touch but it works so well with midi control for everything else. I am sure it is an app issue but is there any work around app or Au that I could be using to limit the pitch bend range on a per track basis? I want to be able to set my controller for a higher range and then be able to reduce it on a per app or track basis.