Pitch bended note appearance in score editor

I’m recording score with a midi guitar, and use bends
the bended note show on the score at its native value, not taking into account the half or whole tone bend effect
This is an example of a bended C to C#

and the score appearance :

Is there a tip to have on the score the correct note pitch ?

I’ve been thinking about an expression map, but first I’m not an expert on it, and moreover, despite the explanations of the manual showing a bunch of maps
pdf manual
my expression map palette is empty

So, to sum up :

  1. is the expression map a solution to show real notes of bended pitches ?
  2. if so, how is it possible to access to the default ones ?
  3. is there any manual about expression maps to create custom ones ?


The correct pitch is the pitch of the note, c3 (C60) . It has been modified by the pitchbend, but the midi pitch is still the midi data value 1. So if you want the note display to correspond with the bent note,

  • delete the pitchbend, and correct the note
  • in the Score Editor make the note a graphic note, and place it yourslef. (but this is a bad solution for the long run.)


There are no “Default” Expression Maps. Please read the manual about that.

well, my intent is not to have a final score to print, but a score I’m using interactively in real time while building a piece of music
So the purpose to delete the bend and correct the note is not a valuable choice for me, because the sound effect of the pitch bend matters

Why the graphic note is not a good solution in the long run for you ?

About expression maps, I’m new to it. I’ve read the C11 english manual from page 906, and didn’t got the information that there were no “default” expression maps
It could have been a good starting point to have some default ones

And last Q : is pitch bend a parameter that can be assigned in a custom expression map ?

Because editing it in the future requires that you remember the edit you did ten years ago. Also, they are only available in the Score Editor.

In my view, you should do it using the a method that was already designed in the software. I suggest Note Expression. Or, make a visible note using text in the program.

The manual discusses what exists, rather than listing items that do not.