Pitch Bending Notes Together

Does anyone know how to blend notes together using pitch bend or know of any videos explaining how? I’ve been messing around with the different pitch bend features but I can’t seem to figure out if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just not what I’m looking for.


What kind of Notes do you want to Pitch Bend together? Of one MIDI Channel? All in the song (all tracks)? …?

A midi channel in just one track. Sorry if I’m not making sense I’m new to music software and still learning. What I mean is that there’s only one part of the song that I want to use pitch bend between the notes to make them smooth/ flow/ blend. (I don’t know the right terminology.) It’s an 808 sample that I inserted into the sampler control.


Open the PitchBend in the Controller lane of the Key Editor and draw the line. Or record it via your MIDI keyboard, please.

@drurrre I think what you are describing is Portamento (sometimes called Glide or Slide) and is a feature on some synthesizers. It bends or slides the played note from the previously played note.
If the instrument you are using does not have a portamento feature you could emulate a similar behaviour as Martin described above. You may have to adjust the pitchbend range of the instrument to the range of the two notes you wish to bend between.

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Will do

Portamento is what I was trying to describe. Thank you much :smile: