Pitch Correct and latency(???)(Screenshot)

I have a problem introduced by the Pitch Correct plugin.

I have a vocal in a track that is a long Aah.
I have placed Pitch Correct plugin as an insert. I have set the tracking mode as Midi Note input.
I setup a midi track with the output assigned to Pitch Correct.

I record some notes on the midi track.

The problem is when I playback the project the notes on the voice that are triggered by the midi track are not playing on time. Even though they are quantized, they sound like they come out of time.

Why is this happening? It renders the this function of Pitch shift useless.

Any help would be welcome.

Here is a screenshot of the problem:

On the top is the midi note that is triggering the Pitch Correct plugin.
On the bottom is an exported audio of the vocal.

As you can clearly see, although the note is triggered right on the beat in the midi track in the audio track it is actually tuned earlier!.
This is audible in realtime playback but also when I export the audio as you can clearly see.

The weird part is that it is not actually latency but the opposite of latency as the notes are triggered earlier! :open_mouth:

Anyone else having this?

I cannot make this work at all, tried new project, tried going back to C5, no cure.

No one here using this feature?

Just wanted to say that changing the buffer size on my audio interface makes no difference.