Pitch correct in Cubase Artist 9

I read on Strindberg website that Cubase Artist 9 has pitch correct function. But can’t find it. Anyone know if it is indeed on Artist 9 and where is it?

As far as I know a pitch shift function is included in the Artist version. The function is located in the Cubase>Audio>Process menu. Make sure you highlight something to pitch shift or it will be greyed out.

I do not believe a audio quantize function is included in the Artist version (if that is the function you are looking for).

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I think Artist has a VST pitch correction plugin but it doesn’t have variaudio.

Good answer… “Pitch Correct” is a plugin.

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Is there any diffrence in the functionality of pitch correct in elements 9.5 vs artist 9.5? Or should I stick with Elements and buy a dedicated plug in instead? any input is appreciated!

I don’t believe there’s any difference in the pitch correct plugin and neither have Variaudio so a plugin could work.