Pitch Correction in Cubase Artist 9.5 - Best course of action?

So, I recently upgraded from Cubase Elements to Cubase Artist. Knowing that Artist has the “Pitch Correct” feature, I foolishly assumed it also came with Variaudio for adjusting individual notes. I was really bummed to find that I can only correct the entire track without any good way to adjust intensity or fix those little ‘‘throw away’’ notes that get snapped to the wrong note. As I am using Pitch Correct mainly just to make subtle changes rather that to create the T pain effect, it is very important to me to have control of every note.

After some research on the topic, it looks like there are two viable options. 1: Upgrade to Cubase Pro (Not in the budget of the near future). 2: Purchase a VST plugin that allows me to correct individual notes.

From my research, it seems that Melodyne Essentials 4 would do the job. Sounds like Melodyne would be less straight forward and easy to use as Variaudio, but that it has some benefits and (for $100) would be a lot less expensive than an upgrade to Pro.

So, here are my questions for you guys…
1: Will Melodyne Essentials 4 be compatible with Cubase Artist 9.5 and allow me to adjust the pitch of notes individually?
2: Is there a better, cheaper, or easier option?

Thanks in advance!

Usually you can download a demo. While it does take time to transfer the audio into Melodyne, it is usually worth the effort. But like anything, it takes time to learn. Some people think you just press a button and the result will be perfect. If you learn to use it well, you will get great results.

Melodyne will do the job but the loading of audio into it before it can be edited can become a pain depending on the way you work.

I barely use it now that I have the Vari-audio function of Cubase even though some claim Melodyne gives better result. Download the demo and have a go…

Thanks guys. My current plan is to just sell some of my older gear and splurge for Cubase Pro. Sounds like I’ll be glad I did down the road. I will check out that demo, though. Thanks for the feedback.

Depending on how long you can wait, if the last couple of years are anything to go by, there may be a Sale on Upgrading from Artist to Pro come the mid/late summer. 40% off last year (and indeed a few years ago when I took advantage):


Thanks for the heads up. Wish I could wait that long. I think I’m gonna need it sooner than that for an upcoming project.

Cut the bum notes out and put them on a separate track, treat them there, then bounce all the audio tracks and merge them back into a single vocal track - a bit of a pain but it’ll work.

If you duplicate the track first you don’t even have to worry about plugins levels and automation before doing what PappaPig suggested.

True - good point.


I‘d prefer Cubase Pro/VariAudio vs. Melodyne Essential just because of VA‘s Integration. It‘s easy and seamless.

I use, love and adore Melodyne Studio for its weird unique capabilities but standard vocal tuning works great with VA.

Thanks for the responses. Yes, I did think about chopping up the track and pitch correcting that way, but why do that when I can use it as an excuse to upgrade to Pro? Lol
Just about got an older mixer sold…so here we come!

7 Minutes Best of Vocal Pitch Correction with VA: