pitch correction

trying out the pitch correction for the first time
sending midi data to it, have pitch correction set up as insert, cause it sounds worse as a send?
getting lots of latency, some notes not even registering when i trigger it via a midi track with the pitch correction set at the output of that midi track.
do i have this set up right or can any1 confirm what is going on.

As you’ve discovered, send effects are best used for “additive” effects and inserts for “transformational” effects. In your case, you could use it as a send effect if the original is in tune and you want to play a second voice together with the first.

For what you’re trying to achieve, make sure you’ve set the scale to midi and the detection speed to fast in Pitch Correct, the source material has to be reasonably in tune so I recommend that you use it in conjunction with VariAudio, long steady “vowely” sounds work and sound better than fast melodies with lots of consonants, pick noise etc. As for the latency, I’ve never had any issues so can’t help you there.


yes i dont know why i mentioned the latency but im not seeing now after working with the pitch corrector on several projects, seems to be working flawlessly now, so not sure what that was all about. Yes the original was far out of tune, and was taking vocals somewhere else, probably why it sounded so bad as send. Thanks twin!