Pitch correction


This is prob. a very newbie question :stuck_out_tongue:

I am asked to change the pitch of a demo vocal 1 whole step up. The song is in D# Major.
What is the quickest way possible for me to change the pitch of the vocals to scale?

should i just use Pitch Correct on all of the vox stems?

If you click to the Voc region In the Main window, you can find Transpose field In the Info line (you can show/hide this line by using Shift+F2 pop-up).

Don’t use VariAudio here. I’m afraid, it will quantize all your pitches In this case.

Not a pitch corrector function…you want Audio>Pitchshift…up or down however many half steps are needed.

Better yet…you have them sing it again. All of the above will be noticeable.

I would have reached for VariAudio first, to shift the pitch. Are you sure it will quantize the pitch? …I was thinking that selecting all the vocal notes (or perhaps doing it in smaller bunches since VariAudio is so computer-intensive) and then dragging up using the CTRL/CMND key it will drag it up without quantizing the pitch (p. 286 of the manual)?

What I’m less sure about is whether the VariAudio pitch shift algorithm is better/worse than the one the info line uses …