Pitch Detection in Halion 6 Sample Editor - How?

Hi everyone,

How does the pitch detection in the sample editor work? I recorded some samples from chimes and it says “Pitch N/A”. How can I analyse the pitch of the sample and in case correct it? I can’t find anything about this in the Manual.

I need this since i’m sampling some untuneable Instruments like toy pianos etc.

See the little icons on the left of the sample editor display. One of them is for pitch detection.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it did not help. I knew how to display the pitch detection curve, but it shows nothing since the pitch has not been detected. This works in the wavetable editor, just not in the sample editor where I need it.
Pitch NA.JPG
As you can see, PD curve is already switched on but does nothing. If I click on Pitch N/A in the upper right nothing happens.

In case this might be a bug - I’m running Halion 6.4.0 on Win10 Pro, Nuendo10.2.10, Intel Core i5-4690, 16,0 GB RAM