Pitch driver is not phase coherent


I’ve noticed that the pitch driver plug’in is slightly out of phase.

I have a session with two mono tracks, same source on both tracks. One has a pitch driver inserted, the other no inserts. This results in some phase cancelation when mixing both tracks.
Pitch Driver settings are Detune: 0%, Mix : 100%, Spatial 0%, Output : 0dB

Bypassing the pitch driver solves the issue.

I encountered the problem in Nuendo 13.0.40, running windows 10.



Interesting. I haven’t noticed this issue (I’m still on 12.0.70), but I did notice a long time ago that PitchDriver doesn’t work well with stereo files. They sound like they collapse to mono, so I only ever use it on mono content (dialogue, etc.).

Pitch changes are made with delays, so I would expect that the plugin changes phase coherency.

Yes, delay and pitches are very dependent, though the plug-in was set to 0% Detune, so i would expect it to be pretty transparent.

Why do you think that?
Just because the detune is set to 0% means nothing.
You don’t know what happens under the hood. It’s an effect plugin.

Hi thomas_martin,

PitchDriver is merely designed for sound design purpose. The latency of the plug-in varies depending on the material. So even for a Detune value of 0% the latency is a rough estimation.
If your use case is timing critical, please use one of the other possibilities for pitch shifting Nuendo offers.


thanks @andreasm for your response.

In my current use case, there is no problem. I discovered this because there was an error in my mixing session (plug-in should have been bypassed).
Yes, I use this plug-in for sound design (varying pitch to get a funny effect), but I could see at least one use case where it could be a problem. And I also can think of at least one workaround (inserting pitch driver on both tracks).

I just wanted to let Steinberg team and users know about this in case
a) it’s not an intended behavior
b) someone has the same problem in the future.

Bests regards,


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I noticed that even if you bypass pitchdriver from 5.1 track it still causes strange things to the balance.