Pitch problem while importing midi

Hello to all,

I have a problem when importing a Midi file in Dorico; the pitches are not respected.
For example, in a passage I have a G sharp and then a G natural (actually F double sharp …). When I play the music everything is ok in the playback, but on the score I only have a G sequence without the alteration appearing.
Because of this I have to check all the notes one by one, if someone has a solution I’m interested.

I’m not completely sure I understand what you’re describing, Laurent. Are you saying that the notes show no accidentals, but they have different pitches? Have you hidden the accidentals via Properties perhaps? You could try filtering for just notes and chords, then doing Reset Appearance, which should reset the accidental visibility properties.

If this isn’t it, can you attach the project and describe where the problem occurs, so we can take a look?

Hello Daniel
thank you for your answer.
It gave me the solution; you have to select the whole document and reset the appearance so that the alerations appear.
I am still learning Dorico and there are many things I don’t know how to do yet… even if I just edited my first score with Dorico
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Thanks for confirming that this worked for you, Laurent. I’d be curious to learn how the project got into this state to begin with!

I think my work process needs to be improved. :sweat_smile:
I actually import MIDI files from Digital performer with whom I compose. I should plan beforehand (especially for tonal music) to specify the key signature , that would simplify things a lot. But each time I am in a hurry to write and I am not careful enough on all these points.

I have the same problem when importing xml-files from scannings from Photoscore. The sound is O.K. but sounding G is notated doublesharp F, Sounding E notated bF etcetera. And when I shift to transposing score and clean up notation manually note by note, then the Concert Key still looks crazy. Using shortcuts for a couple of bars at a time to change b’s to #'s does another mess.
I think that the solution is mentioned here. Thank’s Daniel. I’ll try it tomorrow.

Do you specify a key (signature) before or just after importing? That might help even if you later remove it.

Also changing accidentals in a full score changes the accidentals in the parts, but changing the accidentals in the individual parts should not change them in the full scores.

I have imported hundreds of xml files from PhotoScore and never encountered this problem. Can you post a problem file?

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Thank you all for advices. I have solved the problem.

  • glad to see that my post helped