Pitch problems

Hi there

I’ve started a new project, assigned all the instruments to the correct slots and staves using Halion SE sample player and now am having difficulties that I haven’t encountered before.

What’s happening is that for every different note I input, Dorico plays back the different notes as the same pitch. E.g. if I put in a crotchet B followed by an F, Dorico will play them back as a C and won’t play anything else.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon and help me fix it?



In addition, now I have some random contrabass drone going on when there is nothing written on that stave. It still plays even though I have now removed the instrument patch.

Kerz, this isn’t my strongest area, but I’m almost positive you have the wrong expression map assigned. That low drone is certainly a keyswitch. I’d recommend searching the forum for “drone.”

Hi Dan
Thanks for the advice. I have since tried resetting all the keyswitches/expression maps to default after reading Daniel Spreadbury’s response to another user and I think I have seen the last of the issue.

It’s good to know that there are so many experienced Dorico users that are willing to help us newbies.