Pitch Quantize and Correction

I’m trying to use Pitch Quantize to correct some singers notes in a passage that are slightly flat. When I make the selection and Apply, there doesn’t appear to be any “pulling” of the flat note to the nearest tone. I tried various Tolerances and no success. Any ideas? I assume this function doesn’t depend on settings in other functions?

I can use the Pitch Correction function which works extremely well (particularly with DIRAC). I gather that the Pitch Shift for this tool is applied to ALL frequency components in the selection of the audio file it is applied to? (and not just the dominant tone found)?

You should put the cursor exactly to the uppper left corner or upper right corner of the brick (there are black points), and when you see up-down arrow just drag it up or down. And at the top of the birck there’s a line, when you put cursor on it, you “divide it in two” and you can drag up and down each part. Hope this helps.