Pitch shift artifacts even when Time Correction disabled. How to automate pitch shift?

Hello. I’m in the process of switching from FL to Nuendo.

In my sound design, I use a lot of audio samples. And almost all of them have Pitch automation - that’s how i work and i really love the results.
Moreover, i rarely use Elastique or any other complex grain algorithms. Usually i just use Resample.

In Nuendo 13, the only way I’ve found to change the pitch using Resample method is Audio->Processes->Resample (x2 sample rate lowers audio by an octave, obviously), which is offline only and not too convenient.
However, i didn’t find any way to automate it. Is it even possible? That’s a very important part of my workflow.

In FL Studio it’s very easy to do. Just right click - > Automate.
Resample mode is set by default because it’s the best and most basic mode.

Obviously, audio length changes dynamically when automating sample rate (which is Pitch knob with Resample Mode selected) and that’s not a problem to me.

I would be fine even if such processing was offline in Nuendo, i just need to be able to do it.

Alright, this is serious now.

I’ve found another way to pitch shift without stretching that should work IN THEORY:
Audio->Processes->Pitch Shift, select Envelope, uncheck Time Correction

However, it introduces weird noise in high frequencies:

(48 khz audio, Pitch Shift DOP -12 semitones, Time Correction disabled)
Where is it getting these frequencies from? Like there is still some stretching happening.

Resample process in Nuendo works as expected:

(48 khz audio, New Sample Rate=96000 == pitch shift -12 semitones)
However, it’s impossible to automate it, there is no Envelope mode!

FL studio and Adobe Audition also always work as expected, and i can automate it:

(FL Studio, pitch shift -12 semitones, Resample mode)

I expect Pitch Shift process without Time Stretching to work exactly like other two screenshots.
What’s going on?

I might create another thread just because this issue really needs to be investigated.
I hope developers will see this. For now i’ll have to stick with FL Studio, even though i wish to move to Nuendo completely.

Thanks for attention.

Have you tried working with the Sampler in Nuendo, instead of audio clips in the timeline?

I believe all the parameters in the sampler are automatable, and you will be working with midi in the timeline instead.

Thanks for the answer.

I don’t use Sampler for pitch shift because it doesn’t have a Resample mode (that’s the main point).

Also, in my work i use a lot of different samples and variations of the same sample, and i like to see waveforms, so Sampler is inconvenient (that’s less important).

Pitch Shift in Direct Offline Processing ALMOST works, it just needs to be fixed, it’s broken.

It seems thas pitch wheel automation in Sampler sounds close to FL, so this could be a way when audio flexibility is not important.

However, it still has noise artifacts in high frequencies!

I did some testing, here are the results:

  1. There is less noise, when using Pitch Shift DOP in a 96khz project (noise starts one octave above, and two octaves above in a 192khz project)

  2. Resample DOP does null with FL’s Pitch Shifting.

  3. Resample DOP doesn’t null with Pitch Shift DOP with Time Correction disabled (while it should).

  4. Resample DOP has even more differences with Elastique - Tape stretching algorithm.

  5. In order to work with 96k-192k recordings, i’ll have to work in a 96k-192k project. Otherwise there is data loss when pitch shifting because of resampling (unlike FL, where you can use 192k files in 48k project without any high frequency loss - i don’t know how it works but it just does. I know some other DAWs have this dynamic resample option too)

It’s ok if Cubase doesn’t have a proper pitch shifting, but Nuendo… It’s claiming to be a #1 DAW for Game Audio and all that stuff, while lacking a few essential and very basic features for SFX design, that even free audio software has.

(Don’t get me wrong, its a great DAW otherwise, but fundamental things are just too important)

I should create proper bug fix request and feature requests.

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Pitch Shift noise artifacts in high frequencies still not fixed in 13.0.30

yeah resample may be an underlooked feature that I actually use alot myself istead of pitch shifting when the files may have higher sample rates. Its nice to be able to keep their original sample rate in case I want to adjust the resample speed. I think working with multiple sample rates is great with Nuendo, though would be a mess if needing to share with another DAW. Didn’t realize there was that noise artifact when using pitch shift envelopes. Are those features in FL studio actually part of the audio track? or is that a sampler as well? Maybe being able to resample an entire track in realtime and automate the parameters may be interesting.

Those features are a part of every audio clip and sampler in FL.

And this is what I expect from any audio software - these are the fundamental features:
Manipulating audio VOLUME and LENGTH

If an audio softwarte is missing one of those two fundamental features, it means it’s half incomplete.

I hope, Nuendo will have it’s release date soon. Meanwhile, have to use other software sometimes.

Not sure what kind of pitch change automation you are expecting here, but you could maybe try using the pitch shifter in the FX Modulator plugin.

I’ve already made several posts here where I described in detail, what type of pitch automation I (and most sound designers) need exactly. I’m sorry, but your suggestion is not a solution.

I’ll repeat if for any reason my posts are unclear:

There should be a way to change the pitch via STRETCHING AUDIO:

  • WITHOUT pitch compensation, noise artifacts and weird “smart” algorithms. WITHOUT ANYTHING but stretching audio. Just like “Resample” DOP

This is the most basic audio thing ever - you literally stretch audio samples, wave lenghts become longer (audio 2 times longer = waves 2 times longer = pitch goes down by an octave).
This is something that sound designers have been using for decades, long before Nuendo. Every audio software has that option now.

In Nuendo 13, there are 2 potential ways to do that, BUT THEY ARE BROKEN OR INCOMPLETE:

  1. Direct Offline Processing - Pitch Shift (Envelope mode, uncheck Time Correction).
    Problem: BUG - noise artifacts in high frequencies when pitching down.

  2. Direct Offline Processing - Resample
    Problem: No Envelope mode (no way to automate);
    No “semitones” in the interface, only Hz.

Understood. I agree that Nuendo could do better in this regard.

Yes. Did you already do this?

The noise could be aliasing.