Pitch Shift Bug


In Cubase 9 there is a bug with pitch shifting.
If i have a loop of audio, select a certain region and want to pitch shift.
The results will include extended parts of the loop which were not selected.

Attached below is a video demo.

Bug persists in these setups.

Cubase Pro 9.5.30 & 9.5.40
Windows 8.1
Mac OSX 10.13.6

Nothing wrong there. Cubase does what you ask of it.

Instead of using the object selection tool. Use the Range selection tool. Select range and execute.
That will only do the Range selection.

The object selection tool, will do the whole object.

I have the same bug and I have already reported it. I haven’t had the time to record a repro.

Your bug msy, is different then codeblack. Codeblack is just using the wrong tool.

Bump your own thread, if you want focus on your bug. Mixing bug repports and different issues, just creates unnecessary misunderstandings.

Your bug msy, is different then codeblack. Codeblack is just using the wrong tool.

Bump your own thread, if you want focus on your bug. Mixing bug repports and different issues, just creates unnecessary misunderstandings.

You are right, sorry.

Sorry but you are incorrect on this one.
I have been doing things like this since Cubase SX3.

Attached is a video of the same procedure being done on cubase 8.5 vs cubase 9.5 on my computer.
You will see that this is in fact a bug.

I also tested the range tool method as a bonus to you, and it also presents the exact same same bug.

I did both here on 9.5.4

No issues where the whole audio clip will be rendered. Only selection processed. I always use the range tool for this type of process. But the object tool worked just fine. Like it would if you put inn a split.

I might be missunderstanding what you mean. So correct me if this is wrong.

Here are some vids of the different tools.

Range tool

Select tool

If it is this type of behavour you are seeking? You might want to go over your settings.
What version are you using of the 9.5?

Not a problem with range tool or select tool, both do the job…

My cubase is not behaving correctly tho, for either of those tools.

I realised just now when you said 9.5.4 that there is obviously a new version.
I’m still running 9.5.3, so i will update and see if the bug has been fixed.
Will report back.

Update to 9.5.4 Did not fix the issue.
The bug remains.

I think I see the issue. Your video is a bit high/low res for my old eyes.

Turn on the Time correction. Your pitch will be all over the place, if you dont use the mpex codes.

I have similar problem.
I can pitch shift whole clip without a problem.
When I split a clip and try to pitch shift only part of this clip, there is a problem. Pitch shift still works on whole clip,
not to a part.
Doesn’t matter if I use a object selection tool or region selection tool.

Is this the same?


Yes this is the same. And I also see you are not using time correction.
Put on time correction and use the mpex code.

I have now tested on my macbook setup with both 9.5.3 & 9.5.4
Previously with my studio machine windows 8.1 (9.5.3 & 9.5.4)

This bug is present on both setups.

Time stretching is not what i am talking about, (although i can also test if it happens when timestretching if you need),
I am talking about purely pitching (shorter/longer time depending on pitch)
It has always adhered to the region you select, in this new bug in 9.5 it is taking information outside the cut and selected region.
Its a bug.

Can someone report this please.

I cant confirm your bug.

If I dont use Time correction, I only get what is expected. Length of the audio alters to the pitch change of the selected range.

Here is a video of pitch shift without time correction.

I did second video.

I have a loop on timeline.
Split loop.
Move second part on the right side of timline.
Now, activate left part, add pitch shift without time correction.
Processed both part, left and right.
Back to unprocessed file.
Now activate right part of a clip and add pitch shift without correction.
Processed only right part of clip. Not both :slight_smile:

With time correction Cubase processed only selected part of clip.
And I think that it should work without time corretion exactly the same but it not works like that.

Is this a bug? :slight_smile:

And the problem is with the “time stretching” proccess too :frowning:(


This is what the manual says about it.

“Time Correction
Activate this option to shift the pitch without affecting the length of the audio. If this is deactivated and you raise the pitch, the audio section is shortened.”

But it should not process both like that, when you select first cut. Might be a bug with using audio file as a split with same name. Gonna check it out when im back in the studio.

Checked it out. No bug.
The issue is that you are using 1 source of sample. To prevent dual execute of the split. You need to create a new version of the audio sample.

You have probly ticked out this message before.

So you dont see that you need to make a new version.

I cant find any issues or bugs with these functions on my system. Everything works. Even the Manual covers the functions realy well.
So can’t repport any bugs.

I have now checked with 5 colleagues, all have the same bug.

You have been throwing a few suggestion of where i am going wrong except every time you are wrong in understanding and pointing out things that are not relevant to my issue.
Range tool suggestion - irrelevant
Time correction option - irrelevant
New versioning - i already use this option, has nothing to do with it.

I am wondering if you understand what i am having issues with, the first video should show this perfectly.

“New Version” is what my system is ALWAYS set to FYI.
I have even reset the dialogue box for you in this next video so you can see that i will choose “NEW VERSION” in both cubase 8 & cubase 9.

Cubase 8.5 first - then Cubase 9.5 with the error…

You will see that cubase 8 along with every other cubase that i have still installed (5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5) will pitch only the region, and you will see the region get smaller

Cubase 9 will bug out and try to pitch the whole long sample, disregarding the region/event split.

As you are probably doing your test wrong, i please ask you to take a video to show this function working correctly.
No one i know has this feature working as it should.

It is a bug as far as far as we are all aware.

Here is yet another video for you, this time from my macbook.

It shows the bug in a different light.
Macbook get’s it right on the initial opening of the pitch shift dialogue, then as soon as i edit the transpose value, the whole thing goes hawire and the region changes size to the full clip size.

Once again strange results which are not what they should be.

I stand corrected in this bizarre behaviour and also different behavior between the two setups i have, windows & mac.