Pitch Shift / DOP "Processing Failed"

DOP / Pitch Shift seems to randomly bug out giving me a “Processing Failed” error in DOP.

Here is a video of the issue in action: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oc8ksfvikq6w1hi/DOP%20Processing%20Error2.mp4?dl=0

As you can see, it won’t let me apply pitch shift to this clip unless I “Bounce Selection” and try again. I do feel like having a quick option to bypass DOP and use the previous Process system would solve everything. RX is an essential part of my workflow and there are similar issues and difficulties with that as well.

I’ve seen this exact issue has happening since N8 and I’ve previously reported it but it’s still not fixed. If I’m doing something wrong let me know. It’s a 16bit / 48k WAV - I have no idea why it happens with some clips and not others.

Just had this issue again and found that it works if I copy an audio file that isn’t working in Explorer, rename it, re-import it. This seems to solve the issue and the file is processed normally…

What the hell? Any ideas why this is happening?

Is there any chance we’ll get the old simple reliable Offline Process functionality back at some point? I need rock solid tools I can rely on. I don’t need wobbly tools that break…