Pitch Shift duplicate track not working - Help

Hi guys,
this is driving me to distraction! :angry:

I want to create a vocal doubling effect with Cubase. I can do it another way but I want to do it with Cubase.

I have a main vocal track. I then duplicate it twice I name them Vocal Main VM L (left channel) VM R (right channel) and I link left and right in the mixer and set the panning accordingly.

Next, I highlight the left channel’s audio event and go to Audio > Process > Pitch Shift. The Pitch Shift dialogue opens. In Pitch Shift Settings I move the Fine Tune counter to read, say, 5 cents and click Process. I get a dialogue box with a choice Continue or New Version. I click New Version. The dialogue says Click New Version if processing should apply only to selected events

I then do exactly the same to the right channel but set the Pitch Shift Setting to, say, -4 cents and click New Version

So, I changed the left to 5 and the right to -4 cents… So far so good? Nope!!! :blush:

If I go back to the main vocal, I find that it is reading -4 which is the last setting I made. So I change it back to 0 cents only to find that both left and right are set to the LAST setting I made, in this case 0 cents!

It is driving me mad!!! I can’t seem to find a resolution. I have tried Render in Place, Bounce Selection but to no avail! :astonished:

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

Thanks for reading.


Did you click to the New version even for other changes?

There was no dialogue that I recall other than for the Pitch Shift option.

I have also noticed that the pitch shift seems to have worked… but there’s no indication when viewing the Pitch Shift dialogue as it seems to show the last change made. So, it’s not useful at all really. :astonished:

The pitch shift dialogue is a processing dialogue…being an offline process it doesn’t show what process you made previously. It does retain last setting in case you want to do multiple shifts of the same amount.

Hi Grim,
that is certainly what is happening. It is useful to know that it doesn’t remember the previous setting only the very last setting used.
That doesn’t seem that useful for me as I need to refer to what pitch I’m working with, typically after I have set it. :wink:

Thanks Grim

I did exactly your use case yesterday with my song with a success.

Your solution is to use realtime process then…select event and set fine tune in the info line.
Once you are happy with the result you can always turn this off and make the same change permanent with offline process.

Hi Martin

I can get the pitch shift to work after a change but as Grim as alluded to, it doesn’t remember the settings. If you come back to your harmonies in a day or two and want to change the pitch, the chances are the Fine Tune counter will not display the actual value just the last value that happened to be set last.
I thank you for trying to help :slight_smile:

Ahh yes! :smiley: :sunglasses:
That solved it. Nice one!

Thanks Grim :smiley: