Pitch Shift: From Minor Note/Key to Major - How?

I have Cubase 6 and the .wav audio file needs to go up from Cm to F major.

I’ve been playing and composing by ear all my life, have a “math block” in terms of music reading/writing, so only know the basics. It’s easy to pitch shift within majors or minors, but turning one into the other has me stumped.

Please specify whatever numbers, etc. I need to input into each of the fields of Pitch Shift specified below to pull this off.


(PS: Tried to drag and drop image with screenshot but got weird error message that it couldn’t find the URL or define image size even though in attaching opened up to my computer. So had to wing this text based “illustration” below.)


Left Side Settings:

Pitch Shift Settings

Transpose ? Semitones

(Cents Slider)

(Volume slider, no response necessary, I leave it at 100%)

Right Side Settings:

These don’t need feedback for I have already figured them out.
But… just in case I’m wrong, feel free to correct.

Pitch Shift Base

Root note/Pitch: ?_ and ?
(I leave at default third for this particular pitch shift).


MPEX - Poly Complex Format
(Does the best job even if slower)


You can only pitch shift a semitone or two without destroying the content.

Maybe a little more, depends on the instrument.

If it were midi you just transpose to F then raise the third.

OK, thanks. I got some (at times over-my-head) feedback at an FB group of people who are steeped in music theory, writing, reading. What I’ve gathered from it all is that it may never work totally - the core of the original is minor and there will always be “something slightly off”. I’ll give suggestions a shot, but am pretty much resigning myself to find some other vocal/voice-over audio file that IS in a major key.