Pitch Shift in Cubase 4?

I’ve looked online for help and everyone says that you just right click on audio event, select ‘process’, and then ‘pitch shift’… Problem is that no ‘pitch shift’ option exists for me… is this only in version 5?

How do you pitch shift in Cubase 4?


I’m not going to say “have you tried looking it up in the manual” !!!

Select part, goto Audio/Process/Pitch shift, Thats where it lives.

Or with the realtime pitch shifting (in comparison to the desribed offline version):
In the Info Line under “Transpose”.


There is no option “pitch shift” under audio/process for me! I’ve provided a screenshot.

Fat El Nino,

Thanks… found it.

screen shot.jpg

Hi VanLazarus,

ok, that’s not normal. :open_mouth: After the Phase reverse item should be the Pitch Shift!
Probably you got a lower version Cubase where this feature isn’t available? LE or Studio…
I actually don’t if it’s not available, but could be…

A Workaround could be using a free Pitch shifter as an Insert Effect from http://www.kvraudio.com or something
Good luck :slight_smile:

Definitely not normal!

It was even there in SX

Try initialising your preferences as outlined in one of the help topics in SB’s trouble shooting guides.

Until you can supply useful system info on for example OS, you could try the old forum for Win 64 bit and pitch shift.

Where can I provide my system info for this forum? I can’t find a “profile” section to edit.

My system is:
Windows 7 64 bit
i7 2.66ghz with 6gb RAM
Cubase 4.5.2

You have to do that from the steinberg website, you can’t do it directly from the forums.
Weird, I know.

Dear All,

I am Abhishek from India. Unable to get help on this. There is no pitch shift option in the menu : Audio > Process >
I saw many tutorial videos on youtube, but every where it shows only two ways to change the pitch of the track. First is through Audio > Process > Pitch shift, which is not showing in my menu list. Second, we can change the pitch through Audio > Process > Resample. But by using Resample, pitch changes along with the tempo of the track.

Kindly help me how to locate/install/ use pitch shift.

Thanks & Regards