Pitch Shift preview function


I’ve recently upgraded to Cubase 11 from 9. The Pitch Shift editor has changed and I can’t seem to see how I actually preview the sound I’m editing?
On the previous version (below) I would click ‘preview’ so I could listen to the sample whilst manually sliding the fine tune around until it was at the desired pitch

I can’t seem to figure out how to do this on the new editor. I’ve looked in the manual, I’ve tried unchecking the ‘time correction’ box but I’m not sure how to preview what I’m doing?

The destructive audio editing was a lot more obvious for a hack like me before

Hi Josh.

You can still use the preview function - it just moved to a different place and looks a little bit different: at the top of the pitch shift window you can see two buttons one looks like a “play” and the other like a “loop” symbol. These are for your preview! (btw. next to the “loop” button is a volume slider for adjusting the preview loudness…). Does this work for you?