Pitch shift?

Okay this is maybe a silly question. But i could not find a solution (even in the manual). I want to do a pitch change in my vocall using the new algoritm elastique pitch pro. If i use tine Transpose" function is only make is in realtime and not keeping the harmony. If a use audio processing all i can use i the old polyfonic audio etc.
How do i render vocals with the new algoritm elastique? For what i know is that Variaudio cant use this algoritm. Am i Right?

I didn’t understand what you meant there.
Btw, “Realtime” is Elastique Pro.

Yes, you are right about VariAudio… it doesn’t use Elastique.

Oh yes of course. Elastique is realtime. But how do I transpose with elastique? How you can help me!

Select the audio event directly in the project window (or, if the audio event is inside an Audio Part, select it from inside the Audio Part Editor), set the Transpose value in the Info Line. If you wish to make it permanent, Export it.