Pitch shifter

I was reading through an old guitar magazine last night, and it said that Cubase includes a pitch shifter that can be used to lower a guitar track by one octave to emulate a bass guitar. Is this included in LE4? I had a look through the effects, but couldn’t see it.

Shouild have spent the time looking through the manual, utilising the search function of your PDF reader.

Well, I did that as well, but couldn’t see anything, but thought I’d double-check here before looking for a suitable VST. Did you find anything helpful in your copy of the manual?


Thanks for trying to teach me how to fish, N8. However, I’m pretty new to all this, and I’ve not yet caught sight of a fish, nor had so much as a nibble. Where would you advise me to cast, and what bait should I use? Er…I mean…which of the 4 or 5 manuals should I look in, and what search phrase should I use?

I’d also appreciate it if anyone else would chip in with an answer to my original question before I take up whale hunting…er…I mean change to Sonar.

Pitch shift :confused:

deejayen: Le4 — I dought it.
Cubase 7 has musical mode located in the “Pool”
and by using Elastique - Pitch, it may lower a guitar enough to emulate a bass guitar.
Elastique - Tape, emulates an Analog Tape recorder with vari-speed.
That setting may work for you also. :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS: Just wondering— Have you tried a Bass guitar setting on a keyboard
or just get a Bass guitar. :question: :wink:

deejayen: Just did a little 2 minute Bass Experiment with my Fender Strat Emulating a Bass.
I did this with Vari-audio in Cubase 7. I did this by letting the program Analize
the Part (high lighted it) and lowered it all down an octave like you talked about.
I also used my Fender P-Bass for comparison. I mixed them up front
on purpose and both are EQ’ed nearly the same.

Hear it here https://soundcloud.com/halljack505/bass-experiment-strat-vs-p

The 1ST 8 bars are the strat then the P-Bass , then the strat - P-Bass etc.

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS: Interesting but I’ll stay with the P-Bass :laughing:

PPS: The two might not be to bad together :wink: