Pitch Shifting in Cubase elements 6?

According to the specs, Cubase Elements 6 is supposed to have pitch shifting capabilities, but I cannot find that processor in the tool set. It is not under Audio-Processing, at least not in a way I can recognize it. Can anyone help?

Probably the insert effect pitch correction?

I think, in c`elements you can use the info line to transpose/pitch audio.

I don’t know what you mean by info. I looked under every possible option on the tool bar and still cannot see or find a pitch shift option. The “statistics” tab provides pitch information, but nothing on that table is clickable.

sorry for delay…
believe me, cubase elements 6 can also transpose midi and audio directly in the info line.
here´s a general cubase 5 screenshot (note the red markers, there you can find the parameters “transpose” “fine tune” - it works with audio and midi regions, equally)

can you verify this, please?


The advertised pitch-shifting capabilities in Elements 6 are definitely referring to the included Pitch Shift VST plugin in the Inspector as Strophoid suggested, although editing pitch in the info line is an option as well. If you’re working with vocals, the Pitch Shift insert will be the way to go.

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Definitely there: