Pitch suddenly changed on my vocal tracks - chipmunk style! Help!


I have recently recorded a song in Cubase Elements 8, with vocals, guitars, bass guitar and midi drums. I played the track in Cubase a couple of hours ago and everything sounded just great. Then, when I opened up the project, the vocal tracks are sped up like an octave - still in correct tempo, but it sounds like a chipmunk singing. What happened?

If I listen to the vocal files in Windows, they sound the same. However, the other parts seems fine (guitar and bass guitar).

I have not made any changes to sample rates or any other things. However, I noticed that the project folder was synced to OneDrive. Could that affect the vocal files?? I listen to other audio files in other folders, also synced, and they sound fine. It’s just these vocal files that seems to be affected.

I run the latest Windows 10 version, and using a PreSonus Audio Box for recording. The wave files sound the same regardless of sound card used (as it seems).


I would check if you accidentaly changed the Transpose value in the info bar. If I set it to 12 as shown in the picture I sound like a chipmunk too :-). This should have the value 0 ofcourse. If this is not the issue you could check your plugins (autotune and so…). I do not believe however that OneDrive can change something like that. Can you play the file itself outside of Cubase using Windows Media Player. How does it sound using that.


Thanks for the feedback!

I have now checked the Transpose value (didn’t know about that!) and it was at zero, as it should be.

The sound files (only the vocal files!) sound like chipmunks in Windows Media Player, and in VLC and in Audacity as well - both when using the Presonus soundcard and the internal sound card.

What bugs me is that only the vocal files are affected - the other audio files are fine.

Well, I recorded new vocals on a new audio channel and so far everything is in order with the new vocal files. I have backed everything up three times!

But it’s so strange.

I know you say that you’ve checked the sampling rate, but something similar happened to me at some point. There are two places for sampling rate : The audio interface and the project. In my case, the project sample rate changes the audio interface (that what I would expect), but if you import a file recorded at e.g. 48k and your project is a 96k, you will need to be careful during import to ensure the proper conversation takes place. Generally, Cubase asks what to do, but maybe a “quick click” left the 48k audio without an up-conversation (in my example). Maybe something along those lines when you recorded?

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