Pitch Warp Mute

From the release notes of 7.04, I note the following:-

Mute VariAudio segments

In Pitch & Warp mode, each VariAudio segment includes a
mute (X) symbol now. With this symbol, you can mute
individual note segments. The mute state can also be applied
for multiple selected notes via the mute key command

Am I going mad? Can anyone PLEASE tell me where the (x) symbol is supposed to be? I’ve looked - even with my glasses on (vanity begone :nerd: ) and have failed to find it.

Any help would be gratefully received.

bottom center of the selected event.

I need better glasses. many thanks, thinkingcap.

Just updated to Cubase 7.05 and my 1st visit to Pitch and Warp. My “x” is at the center bottom.

:open_mouth: I’m not able to get Audio after I Pitch and Warp! :angry: I’ve used P&W in Cubase 5 and never a problem.
My thinking is, maybe the “x” is related to my missing Audio. BTW, I’ve clicked on the “x” and C7.05 tells me it’s Mute/UnMute and I get the shaded Mute color/active color- but no audio. Any ideas would be great?


Found my problem: I had no audio because “Control Room” was armed/active in the Studio Tab of the Device Connections feature. :blush: