Pitchbend Automation on HALion Sonic SE

I have encountered a problem working with HALion Sonic SE on Cubase 6 Elements 64 bit. I want to use pitchbend automation but the program does not seem to be letting me.

I cannot find a pitch option anywhere in the “Add Parameter” menu. For Prologue, I can access pitchbend automation by going to Add Parameter > Prologue > Pitch but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent option for HALion Sonic SE.

I have tried putting it in record mode and moving the dial, but that does nothing. Doing the same thing for the bottom parameteres (Cutoff, Resonance, etc.) will add an automation lane.

Here’s a visual illustration of the problem:

Is it possible to use pitchbend automation on HALion Sonic SE? If so, how?
Thanks! ~Spiderbyte

A couple of points :wink:

  1. Do you want to automate MIDI pitchbend, or the pitch parameters in the Edit section?
  2. As you have already noticed, only the parameters at the bottom of the GUI can be automated via host automation.
  3. Instead, the parameters in the Edit section can be “MIDI Learnt” (right-click on the knob).
    So instead of writing automation, you send and record MIDI CC# data (similarly, for pitchbend, you record the Pitchbend wheel).
    So if you don’t have an external controller from which to send that CC# data (and unfortunately, Cubase Elements doesn’t have “Quick Controls”), you can still automate those parameters, but via Controller lanes in the MIDI Part.

For example, let’s control the “Fine Tune” parameter…

  1. Create a Part on the Instrument track, and open it in the Key Editor.
  2. At the bottom-left of the Editor window, add a controller lane… let’s use CC#4 (Foot)
  3. Draw a point in that lane
  4. On the Halion Sonic SE GUI, right-click on the "Fine’ knob, and select “Learn CC”
  5. Put Cubase Elements into Play (starting from before that CC#4 event that you inserted). When Cubase reaches that event, it will be “learnt” to the “Fine” knob.
    You can now draw other events in that lane, and it will control the “Fine” knob.