Pitchbend not writing to automation

Does anyone now how to resolve this issue, just out of the blue I had a problem with my automation tracking the pitchbend and mod wheel on my Novation SL,
was working fine before! all of a sudden cubase won’t track my movements on the pitchbend during write mode, funny thing is I can hear the pitchbend happening on all VST’s but during write mode its just not picking up my movements. everything else is ok… I thought maybe I corrupted the project so I thought I would try the same thing in a new project, but again same thing… seems to not record my movements on the pitchbend or mod.
Does anyone know what I can try to get this working again. thanks


Check the preferences. There should be a Filter-Section for MIDI.
Maybe there’s something disabled.

Best regards.

Two thoughts:

  1. PitchBend is not automation, but it is midi. So when you record pitchWheel or modWheel, it will
    be inside the midi region, not on an automation lane.

  2. I have the Remote SL and its pitchWheel/ModWheel has a setting (like, it has its own ‘port’ or something, which
    I hate, btw. The ‘port’ it uses sometimes sets itself also. On the RemoteSL, dial in some other templates and try them.
    Also with the RemoteSL: the pitchWheel/modWheel does random crap sometimes (such as causing
    REASON (the friendliest software in the world) to give me a popup: “will stop responding to controllers” or something like that.

If it’s not #1…then it might be #2: the RemoteSL pitchWheel has mental problems.

Thanks dudes for taking time to answer my post. yeah you guys are right it… looks like the Remote SL is acting all weird doing crazy shit to my midi data, I even manually drew the parameters in the pitch bend lane and still nothing…man it was one of those bugs that I just couldnt fix no matter what I tried, so I said F*** it I will just re-install C6 from scratch… and low and behold fresh install fixed the problem, but I don’t think I will be installing Automap anymore that program make my plugins do some very strange stuff.