pizz not properly canceling in div.

See attached…

Playback is incorrect. The 2nd and 3rd solo lanes are still playing back back in pizz, even though all should be arco.

I think this is actually the ‘con sord’ that’s the culprit here. This is something that broke in Dorico 3 with the new mutual exclusion groups. I suspect that the ‘mute’ was previously implicitly included in the default mutual exclusion group, but isn’t any longer. It’s on my list of things to investigate, but I think you may be able to fix it locally by adding Mute to the exclusion group used by the HSO violin patch.

Acutually, it seems at least on my install arco is just plain busted, even without mutes or divisi. to get proper playback I need to go pizz -> nat -> arco


I am having this issue too (arco not cancelling pizz, no divisi involved). Related newbie question - is it possible to enter the keyswitch for arco manually (and not have it show in notation). Actually I am sure it’s possible, but what is the best way?

Well, you can always hide it!

Are you using NotePerformer?

That is one side-effect of not installing the expression maps etc for NP. The old NP expression maps for Dorico 2 are not 100% compatible with the playback techniques enhancements in Dorico 3. Until Arne Wallander releases an updated version of NP, see the sticky thread on this forum for how to work round this.

If you have made your own expression maps for a sample library, you might need to make the equivalent changes to them.

In my case I had problems only with VSL custom xmaps. It worked without mutual exclusion groups for everything else. However, adding a mutual exclusion group for VSL solved the problem. Natural (not bowed) and Pizzicato have to be in such a group.

Not using Noteperformer, but am using VSL and VE pro. Sounds like it’s time for me to learn what “mutual exclusion groups” are!

Ah ok. I learned. And putting all my string artics into a single such group seems to have solved the problem.