PIzz. Playback issues

New issue, at least for me. When I designate pizz in the strings the playback reflects the pizz marking until the music jumps the octave. Then it defaults to arco. This happens with Noteperformer and Iconica Sketch…thoughts?

It sounds as though you applied the pizz technique to a selection of notes. If you apply it to a single note, the pizz will continue until countermanded by an arco (or an ord/nat)

Personally I dislike this behaviour, but it is consistent.

Interesting. You are correct. I agree…not the best behavior by default. If I put in 8 bars of pizz. and then decide to keep writing pizz in subsequent bars I shouldn’t have to extend the technique…it should be on until I tell it to be off. Now I know! Thank you!

You should have applied pizz to the single first note in those 8 bars. If you then decide to keep writing it, you would simply continue with note input. If you decided to switch to bowing, you would write arco. Doesn’t get simpler than that and you don’t need to extend anything.

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Well. That doesn’t work. I also reserve the right to go back and change something. If I put in pizz then one would assume that everything from that point on would be pizz. Pretty cut and dry. I don’t need to be in old how to write music. I need to know why when I didn’t say to play Arco that it plays Arco.

If one applies a technique (like pizz) to a selection, Dorico will stop the technique at the end of the selection. (Such a use is considered an “attribute” use of the technique.)

If one applies “direction” techniques (like pizz) to a single note, then the technique will apply until one explicitly applies an alternate technique designed to shut it down.

Most techniques are designed to be used a certain way (pizz and arco as direction), but sometimes the ability to use a technique as either an attribute or direction gives greater and useful flexibility.

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Forgive me @Derrek, but I think you have that back to front.
Attributes apply to a single note. Directions should apply until switched off.

If you apply a playback technique to a selection of notes, irrespective of whether is an attribute or direction, that technique will be switched off at the end of the selection (you can see how long the technique is in force for by showing the continuation line property).

If you apply a playback technique to a single note, then if it is an attribute it will only apply to that note, but if it is a direction it will continue until switched off.

As I said earlier, this behaviour is consistent, but sometimes leads to confusing results (and regarding pizz/arco definitely not what we are used to)

I’ll switch them around then. It is far easier to use them than to describe them. :scream: